Entrepreneurship in USA

In March of 2011, Yury immigrated to the USA for permanent residency. Yury founded a company “Russian America” in May of 2011 and “Second Passport” in 2017.

Today, “Second Passport” is actively evolving and already has 50 offices. Citizens of the countries of the post-Soviet area are provided with comprehensive services in the areas of obtaining various types of visas in the United States, work and training, opening and development of business, immigration, real estate investment, tourism, and medical treatment, and social adaptation and legalization.

In 2020, Yury started a new business – E-PR online. E-PR online now has 6000 media from 60 countries around the world.


Yury has been engaged not only in entrepreneurial activities but also in charitable activities. In 2001, he established the Novorossiysk Human Rights Committee and in 2010, he co-founded a charity auction called “Time of Hope” – all aids were transferred to municipal children’s hospital. Yury’s company gifted an apartment to a family that lost its house in a forest fire.

Since 2013, Yury Mosha is helping people with limited opportunities to immigrate to the USA: help with visas and social adaptation.

Entrepreneurship in Russia

Together with Olga Zyabkina founded an advertising agency “Propaganda Publicity” in 1995 which turned into a media holding within a couple of years that covers a couple of different types of media. It consists of newspaper “All Novorossiysk”, directory “Yellow pages Novorossiysk”, magazine Riviera, Kuban Billboards, printing house “О.B. Bureau”, “Factory out-of-home advertising”, TV channel «ННТ» and others.

He also organized a broadcast satellite television channel «ТВ-6 Moscow” in Novorossiysk.

In 2002 took over CJSC «Video International- Novorossiysk » - advertising on federal channels.

In 2008, Yury created and led OOO «Kuban’s Equity Fund » - a company that confidently took a top spot on the market of low-rise construction.


In 2011, Yury had to leave Russia, his family, and his business, and now he lives in New York (USA). You can find more about why he immigrated in the September issue of Forbes of 2012.

His two eldest children live in Novorossiysk. His mother Tatiana is retired, and his father Igor had passed away in 2006. His brother Sergei is a businessman and lives with his family in Novorossiysk.

In 2016, Yury married Iryna Proskurina. This union can be called harmonious tandem of beauty and enterprise. Iryna is a successful model, famous not only in the USA but also abroad, while Yury is a businessman. Right now, Iryna is an owner of a model agency “Forma Models”. She has worked with brands such as Armani, Max Mara, Hugo Boss, Anna Fountain, Loreal, Wella, Dior, etc.

Yury and Iryna are raising two daughters Sofia and Nicole.


Yury was accepted into the Kuban State University and majored in State and Municipal management. He graduated in 1998 and obtained a diploma in Economics management. Later, he also qualified as a lawyer.


Yury Mosha was born December 17th in 1975 in Novorossiysk (Krasnodar Krai, Russia). From 1982 till 1993, he went to Gymnasium school #2 in Novorossiysk.

  • Has two degrees in economics and law.
  • In 2001, he found Autonomous Nonprofit Human Rights Committee. This committee helped more than 10,000 people to immigrate to the USA under the refugee program.
  • He was a Chairman of the Civilian Assembly of Novorossiysk.
  • Created “Russian America” company. He helped more than 2500 clients.
  • In 2017, founded an Immigration Centre Consulting “Second Passport”.
  • Conducted more than 1500 client consultations.
  • Various famous media wrote about his life and business (Forbes, Washington post, FOX, РБК, The Firm's Secret, VC, Kommersant, ABC, Lenta.ru, Gazeta.Ru, МК, 7NewsMiami, Izvestia, Argumenty i Fakty.)
  • He founded the first-ever YouTube channel about immigration with 55,000 subscribers.
  • An editor of telegram channel “Second Passport” and “Russian America” with more than 30,000 followers.
  • Moved to the USA within 1 day following a successful immigration process.
  • A partner of 150 immigration lawyers in 80 countries.
  • Personally, studied the lives of immigrants by traveling to over 45 countries.
  • Speaker of Synergy Business school about business abroad.
  • Wrote an autobiography «С Гудзона выдачи нет”.
  • Is a member of the World Immigration Association Investment Migration Council.
  • Organized the Committee Against Defamation, Discrimination and Persecution on the Internet.

 С Гудзона выдачи нет

Yury Mosha. «С Гудзона выдачи нет»

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